About the DVD

Original Story:

Written, illustrated & narrated by Kevin Osborne

A Connecticut writer, artist, and graduate of the City University of New York. Click on Art Prints to view his artworks, available as framed prints, including the artworks used to produce Mutekikon.

Kevin Osborne

Original Music:

Composed & performed by Malcolm Shute

Malcolm Shute, Reiki Master/Teacher, composed, performed & recorded the music heard on Mutekikon. He is a graduate of UConn and AAI. He uses Reiki to assist individuals to lower their stress levels.

Malcolm Shute

Audio & Video Production:

Michael Spooner, The Tuning Spoon

Michael Spooner, freelance recording engineer and media designer, produced the audio and video for Mutekikon. He owns and operates The Tuning Spoon out of central CT. His BA from the University of Hartford is in Interactive Information Technology with a specialization in Sound Technology.

Michael Spooner